Ride Leader Information

TO LEAD A RIDE read “Ride Leader Responsibilities” below then contact HCBTC Ride Chair, Jorge Tijerina at rides@hcbtc.com.

TO CANCEL OR UPDATE at the last minute call AND text (210) 410-8923. Also email ridechange2018@hcbtc.com with “CANCELLED” and the ride date/title in the subject line. This will automatically create a notice on the Home Page and include the name and phone number of the person making the change.  The person making the change will also receive an email indicting the change was posted.

New Ride Leaders are appreciated and always welcome. HCBTC prefers to have leader led rides every Saturday and Sunday and on weekdays.  If you have a desire and the time to lead a ride please volunteer.  We are happy to help in any way.  (Another member can easily commit to riding along as a ride participant to help out.) 

There are two important points for ride leaders.               

Rule 1 is SAFETY FIRST.  

Rule 2 is HAVE FUN.


New Rides Form (PDF)
To provide nformation for an unlisted “new ride”
Ride Leader Responsibilities
Important details for the ride leader
Cycling Etiquette
For a more safe and pleasant ride
Stretches to enhance safety and enjoyment.  Try a few!
Accident Form
 League of American Bicyclists  “First Report of Bodily Injury“, may be used if there is a cycling accident/injury
 Sign in & Liability Waiver Everyone on the ride MUST sign in.  Take a few..